Sunday, 15 January 2017

Time to Play

The "book" Perpetual Motion was finished in time. Phew. My "books" are sculpture pieces but they do have "pages" and tell a story

I delivered it today at 10.30 to be juried for EDGE exhibition

1.30 got the good news my submission had been successful. Patting myself on the back ( creative fairy can`t reach ) as not sure how it would be viewed and I worked flat out to finish in time.
I work mainly to produce for exhibitions so I should be prepared for the roller coaster of wondering if I will be selected. Always the worry how one will deal with rejection.
Time for a short break from dark satanic mills. ( That will be good, says creative fairy, we need some colour)

I have started a 2017 Time for Play book.

My affirmation page.

Revisiting any art materials which leap out at me. Had forgotten how much fun it is to let your hands, heart and head merge into that intuitive space.

A lovely few hours. These pages will be worked into next time. Making Time for Play in 2017.

Do you find there is always one Christmas decoration  which manages to escape the 12th night clearup?

This one was keeping very quiet tucked in beside this plant. I only found it yesterday.
Do you recall a piece of work which was push aside as I finished Perpetual Motion. It has been very patient.
Look in next week to view where I go with it and if I find Time to Play.
BYE       BYE


  1. Oh, of course I love your play book and I want to start one RIGHT NOW! The hearts page is so pretty but I like them all.
    Haha about the one decoration left. We finally put the deccie box away and gues what a couple of hours later.....
    And what a difference from your Verdant piece. Well done for getting selected.

  2. Yes, well done. Love the cog book.

  3. Congratulations on your acceptance to the exhibition. Your book looks wonderful.
    Your play book is a delight for the artistic senses. Enjoy your break from exhibition work.