Sunday, 8 January 2017


1st week of 2017 over already. Have been in the Studio trying to make  Sunday the 15th deadline for EDGE exhibition.

I thought I would use the inside of a carpet roll to make the "book"

Before I could dismiss this as being unsuitable creative fairy had made a rude noise. Slight panic as time was short. Would a plastic tube work? A new paint roller caught my eye. Perfect.

Fitted it inside a toilet roll tube. Tight squeeze but it gives a solid base and a smooth surface, when cut to size and painted - Transformation. A rude noise from creative fairy.

These will be fixed at each end of the tube, when painted another transformation into metal cogs. a very loud rude noise from you know who. Yea of little faith.

A little more sandpapering and painting but I hope this effect will keep creative fairy quiet.
The "book" is 3ft +6 1/2ft and will roll round this structure.

Stitch on jute backing, attach to roll, tweak here and there and I might just make the 15th.

My Grandchildren in the Studio over the festive holiday. Using up my paint and masking tape but they brought their own artist boards.

Before the paint was dry and the tape could be pulled off. Nice feeling 3 of us working in the Studio.

I wish everyone a creative 2017.
Look in next week to see if I make the deadline.



  1. looks like you are making wonderful progress on your project. so glad that another idea came when one did not work.

    how lovely to all be doing art together. So fun and makes for good memories.

    Such sweet flowers, I bet they smell good too.

  2. What a fascinating post.
    Creative fairy seems to be a bit harsh, she should know by now that your art turns out well in the end (unless she is a new fairy for the new Studio, in which case she will soon learn).
    These cogs look amazing, and I am also intrigued by the pretty floral fabric, must be a reason for this I wonder? Aprons?
    Your work is so innovative and different.
    I would quite like to see the finished art by your grandchildren, I'm sure they love being in the Studio making proper art.