Sunday, 19 February 2017

Lost a week

66c in place

Nailed and wired to make it secure. Postwoman knocked to say she liked it. Result.
Eventful week. My Gas boiler had a label attached saying it was condemned. Despair. Gas Board was making a safety inspection, found a flue in the attic was missing a connection to an outside flue so another day and night without Gas.
The next day had a Monty Python effect to it. A very tall man appeared with the fitment to rectify the problem. He was too big to fit into the attic. Smaller man sent for. 1 1/2 hours later he got into the space but his arms were too short and he couldn't make the connection. Endless cups of tea and my white sugar bag depleted ( I keep one for workmen ) They decided to cut a hole in a cupboard ceiling. The tall man would stretch in and complete the job. Lots of measuring and tapping of joists to find correct spot and it was done. Great relief all round. Smiles all round. A last cuppa and a biscuit everything signed off, label cut off and they departed. I had a cup of Green tea and a sit down.
creative fairy has been working overtime. I have also been quite busy. New piece is now definitely under way ( creative fairy " says about time")

Backgrounds cut into strips 2 inches wide.

One set will make 5 concertina books other set will make a very, very long book.

Will join these together.
The concertina shapes, jagged edges, I think give the appearance of cogs. My starting point.

Lots of accurate measuring will need to be done. Do I need the workmen back?

I had so many ideas I could not focus. Woke up one morning and the decision was made. 5 Books on a A2 Artist  board and 1 very very long book. Has that ever happened to you? Sleep on an idea and it solves itself. Will need to crack on now. Feeling excited.

My latest purchase for Studio storage. Perfect for holding paints and easy to move around.

Started work as a volunteer at this social enterprise garden. 1 afternoon a week. It is an old walled garden which is slowly being brought back to life. The aim is to make it productive and provide work experience and training for a variety of users.

Last day my garden will have grass. A gardener is coming tomorrow to lift the lawn and put down gravel. Now I just need to find a solution to the Red slabs.
Just managed to fit in 1 play page.

Please look in next week to view how books are progressing and if I get the measurements correct.


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  1. 66c is certainly looking good and glad the postwoman likes it as she will see it every day.
    What a story about the Gas boiler. You do lead an eventful life.
    The zigzaz books are looking great with the great background you've made.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you put inside. I think I see a bit of jute string.