Sunday, 15 May 2016

New horizons

Trying not to get too excited. Subject to contracts being signed I have a new house. All happened very quickly, after looking at dozens, one turns up almost perfect and my offer was accepted. Big breaths, I can hardly believe it. New horizons. I am packing in earnest now.

Stuff to go. Just the beginning, I plan to really downsize.

Stuff to keep.
Wake up in the night wondering how I begin to pack up my workroom.

One item at a time is the answer.

Workroom will be piled up in the shed until I can sort out a studio. It will be chaos.
Not much stitching this week, trying to get my head round the idea I am heading for new horizons.

Have added straight stitching to finish these pieces

Stitched the last piece of seaweed.
Plants waiting to go to their new home.

I am really so excited but it is tinged with some sadness.
There has been two collared doves in this garden since I came to live here. I hope they follow me to my new garden. They are always together and look so elegant.

Look in next week to view how I am managing the packing and will I find time to tackle the stitching to complete the "fences" for the coastline piece. I am not confident about managing that.



  1. Oh too exciting. Saw some rather nice china on the way out, you must really be downsizing. And some frames. Having a good clear out is good too.
    You've absolutely got to take the collared doves, they are so beautiful together.
    Looking forward to seeing the house, can't wait.

  2. Congratulations on your new beginnings and new adventures in a new home. What fun! I always love moving to a new home. The best thing about that is that it keeps me from over-collecting. I hate the packing up part tho. Leave the doves your forwarding address...They do look pretty content there!

  3. I am so happy that you found a place. I hope each step of the journey falls in place with grace and that you feel peace, joy, inspiration, safe and love in your new home. Let's throw in health and wealth too. xo