Monday, 6 June 2016

Still packing

It is sometime since I had a rant. Have been staying at friends and had a lovely week. Came home to no internet connection, so continues my love, hate relationship with my laptop.
Time for the rant. 20 minutes on hold, trying to connect with BT. Kept being told lines were very busy. Employ More Operators. I was advised to go on their website. I had made it quite clear it was a problem with my internet connection. Maddening. At last a very pleasant man fixed it in 3 minutes. I think the expression is" BT does my head in."

Still packing. Had an idea to print pretty labels for my boxes but life is too short so quick scribbles to identify contents. Perhaps when life is calmer and I am looking for something to fill my time I may return to this idea. Well maybe not.

Each box has been tidied from this.

To this. It all looks very organized for now.
Workroom is gradually being packed up.

Desk cleared.
Looking through another old workbook. Plastic shapes from commercial fishing lines were the starting point.

Working through ideas.

Made using my embellisher and hand couching.

Fellow students, at the time, named it the pizza

The whole 9 patch quilt was 30 inches + 30 inches.
Has been interesting looking back as my work is so different now. Collage was about trying every technique and material. Experimenting and extending ideas, getting feedback from tutors and fellow students. I did take some stick over this piece of work but it got an A.
Need to get on packing up my workroom.

Only 5 weeks to go before I move. Trying to stay calm and work my way through each room systematically but do get side tracked looking at old art work.
Hope you will look in next week to see if I have managed to do any stitching. Coastline piece is screaming out for attention.

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  1. You are being very methodical with your packing. I think I would have put everything in boxes labelled "Sewing stuff" and come back to play with it at the new house. The "new house" - too exciting!
    Yes, it's interesting to look back at old artwork, some which we thought was wonderful then and some we didn't much like at the time, but now we can look at it in a different way and sometimes be pleasantly surprised.