Sunday, 19 June 2016

This and that

At last a few stitches added to Coastal piece. Can you spot the additions.

It`s a start but oh dear, still loads to do.
Packing continues. Boxes have been delivered and are being filled.

Empty shelves.

No idea where everything will find a place. Studio boxes are going into the garage and shed until some decisions are made

More plants ready to move into a new garden.

No idea where they are going. May have to stay in the pots for sometime. Hope the removal men can lift them.

These earrings were made by my granddaughter. I love them. Silver and garnets.
She and her friend shared a stall at Glasgow Street Fair. Bought a ring from the collection my granddaughter had made and earrings from her friend.

The weather was dreadful, rain and more rain but people were buying and the girls were enjoying the experience.
This is Our Willie. If you are not Scottish, he is a comic character, a schoolboy in endless trouble. 60 are being made as a fund raising exercise. I am a member of Kalamkari, a textile group and we have been involved in decorating one of the 60, not quite finished.

I think the blog posts might be a bit hit and miss over the next few weeks as moving day draws ever nearer.

The Himalayan poppies are out. I grew them from seed when I came to this garden. They have really thrived.
BYE.    BYE.


  1. Your new stitches are fantastic! I love your creativity with those creative art pieces. I love moving but I don't care much for the packing that has to be done to get to the moving part. Looks like you are progressing nicely though. I love the jewelry. Especially that last pair of earrings. That poppy is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Your coastal pieces are lovely with the shells and blue stones, and there is a rather nice fragment of blue and white pottery.
    The plants look ready to march to their next garden, the removal men will be able to lift them, no problem at all.
    Your granddaughter's earrings are beautiful, I think anyone would love these.
    Oh that poppy at the end, so ethereal, hope you are able to take it with you.

  3. i enjoy looking at the stitching and design work of your coastal art!
    wow, moving is such a chore! I have some organizing to do that reminds me of a similar sort of chore. the jewelry is wonderful and even better because you know who made them.

  4. And the poppy! I had never seen one like that. Beautiful!