Sunday, 3 July 2016

End in sight

At last some time spent working on the "Coastline" piece.
Had lunch and a business meeting last week with the group Fusation.

Realised how little time I had before the exhibition. I was planning to use a piece of acrylic to back the piece but so far had been unable to get it cut. The Potter who was hosting the lunch is having a new studio built ( envious ) Lovely worker said he would cut it for me. Back home, no excuses, got started.

I have used strong tape to hold the fleece in place then I will lace the back to stretch the work. This thin fleece is ideal as a backing.
Coming together at last.

Add the "fences" and backing. End in sight.
Feel a sense of relief as does the work. It was afraid it was being packed, in pieces, in a brown box.

I did not present any work to be juried for this exhibition. Caught up with house hunting and packing. I will be stewarding on the 20th 2.00/ 6.00. If you are around please look in. The biggest textile exhibition this year. Not to be missed.
Saying goodbye to my garden.

New home, new horizons, getting ever nearer.


  1. Coastal piece looks great in the subtle blue and brown colours.
    I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibition at the Bield.
    New horizons on the horizon! - hoorah!

  2. I especially love the fence on the strip piece of fabric with the straight vertical stitches. It is like being on the sandy side of the fence looking through to the ocean. But every bit of this piece is amazing all together. Enjoy your exhibit. I enjoyed your garden goodbye. I'm sure you will have a lovely new garden soon.