Sunday, 31 July 2016

Always last minute things to do

Getting ready to hand in work for Coastline exhibition

Attached the small pieces to a background. Will hang as a 9 piece patchwork but for sale separately.

Have stitched back to long coastal piece. Curved needle and pliers needed, fingers still blistered.

Cabinet of Curiosities  is going as well. The seagull is looking forward to another outing.

The exhibition opens on August the 13th. If anyone is in the area please look in. The Barn Gallery is situated within the grounds of a lovely retreat, great grounds and a beautiful walled garden.
Curtains definitely on hold. Have told them Winter, dark nights, cold days they will have my undivided attention. Hope that holds them.
I continue with my courtyard upgrade.

Have not yet sourced interesting outdoor dishes so far only seen rather naff plastic ones but have bought 2 cushions. Planned to make some but these looked good and were in a sale.

Do you like my bench and table? I painted them in the middle of packing. Mad or What! I wanted them to look good, going to their new home.

The fabric birds are outside to see how they weather.

Have no room for them inside. Still exploring studio space but a garage conversion is the most likely
option. Watch this space.
Next week I will be attaching labels and hanging rings always last minute things to do. Must find  the bubble wrap.
Look in next week when I will be breathing a sigh of relief that pieces have been delivered to the gallery on Sunday 7th.

Very special postcard from America has just landed beside the books so he has found his place in my new home.


  1. Your artwork is always wonderful to see. The coastal nine patches look incredible. I'm sure you can kiss them goodbye, I doubt they will come back home with you. Your fabric bird tree is wonderful, I hope they will be alright outside. Are you sure you want to ban them to the outdoors? How sweet of you that red bird has a special place in your new home. I wish you every happiness in your new chapter in life.

  2. Lots of happy new home news and pictures, just lovely to see.
    I love your squares with the shell art pieces, each one is a treasure.
    I also love your painted bench and table, watch out for copy-cats very near here, and your little courtyard is idyllic, cushions are great and look comfortable.
    The tableau at the end is very cosy, nice to see the photograph and Annie's postcard., and of course I was squinting trying to read the book titles.