Sunday, 7 August 2016

Handing in day

Managed to finish this last piece " Lunan Bay " These little stones were collected from a walk on a local beach.

My matching rings were designed from this beach.

Have lost a stone and must get it repaired.
The gallery looked very large and empty. Fusation members will be handing in exhibits throughout the day. When we arrive for the preview on Friday the gallery space will be transformed. I hope.
Mood board to go into group profile folder.

I still need to add writing. Computer working again but printer will copy and scan but not print. I should have moved to the woods and lived a techno free life!!!
Friend bought me a sweet little colander and I have bought kitchen gadgets to match.

A lovely workman has turned up and assured me he can make my garage into a bright functional studio. I can hardly believe it is going to happen. Very very excited. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.
Glad I made the deadline for handing in day.

Oh and I have lost 4 lbs. Walking and no midnight snacks of toast and cheese or bowls of icecream.

This photo tells the story of a disaster but it had a happy ending.
Looking in next week to hear about the exhibition and the preview.


  1. I hope your exhibition is a grand success. Your ring set is very pretty. I love how unique it is. I love your new colander. The color is wonderful. Enjoy straining and draining with it. Can't wait to see your new studio.

  2. wahoo, so much going on.
    Looking at your lovely ring with a missing stone... wondering if you might find the perfect sized beach stone to be set in it?! Seems so perfect for you.

    So glad things are coming together for you. Your art is looking wonderful.

  3. Lots of interesting things happening now.
    Loved all your colourful kitchen accessories, sort of thing that brightens the day.
    Glad the disaster ended happily.