Sunday, 14 August 2016

1 Down

Lots of visitors and child minding this week so a rush to get everything ready for opening of exhibition.

1 sold, 8 to go. A real buzz on opening night and quite a few sales. Gallery happy.
Have started digging up the grass. Planted large Hosta, it was screaming to get out of it`s travelling pot.

The soil is terrible so I am lifting a small piece of grass putting on loads of compost and planting one of my pot plants. This is really the wrong soil preparation but I need to get the plants into the ground. Found it a bit daunting to dig up all the grass in one go.

Balloon flight passed over the garden tonight.
I am ready for a cup of tea and an early night I think.
If you look in next week I will have some pictures of other peoples work from the exhibition. Look out for the felt stones.



  1. How nice to sell one of your squares so quickly, but of course they are very sellable.
    What fun (and quite a surprise I would think) to see a balloon passing over, things do happen where you are.

  2. I am glad you sold a piece and maybe more by now. That is a lovely compliment and support for work well done.

    Digging up grass, bettering soil and planting plants, a large task. I best get out and get to work myself.