Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Shouting and Pushing

Just had to be stitched.
Shouting and pushing to emerge.
This piece had to be stitched at once- right now- immediately.

Still to sew in threads. 

I like the effect one gets when it is on the window. The printing, seaweed and hand drawing show through the sheer.
Wow this piece of work would not take no for an answer. No waiting its turn .
Everything just landed in the correct place 
No agonizing over where bits should be placed. I think the fairy dust must have helped.
I have named it Seaweed.

Back to the cabinet.
It has been waiting patiently.

Feather finished and in place.May do 2 more for sides or perhaps will stencil the sides.
Always more decisions to make.

Hope you have enjoyed this extra post. Even the post would not wait until Sunday. That Seaweed piece was really Shouting and Pushing to be out there.

BYE      BYE.


  1. Fantastic work, love the stitched piece, so beautiful. Hugs, Valerie

  2. feathers
    and stitches
    all a joy to see
    wishing you a wonderful trip
    i have just returned from one....

  3. Well, that was one obstreperous textile, glad you got it out of the way before it did any damage.
    Fairy dust is rocking.
    Seagull feather looks great, I would have thought it was a real feather.