Sunday, 15 October 2017

Time spent with friends

Have been spending time with friends in a beautiful part of Scotland


River walks

Wonderful Autumn colour which could not be adequately photographed. I even managed a few big hills.

This is a super walk. Woods, Moorland, and Riverside
We wandered all afternoon with frequent stops to read the poems and view the great pieces of sculpture.


A very small selection of the many pieces on this walk. Some are fun and make you laugh others carry a serious message.
This bronze sculpture was my favourite.

I have been adding to my Beach piece. No name yet.

Razor Shell will have a book inside.

Loose thread has got into the photo.
Please look in next week. Will I have a name for the Beach piece? Will I have finished my Challenge Book?

BYE      BYE


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Scotland. I think I would enjoy that walk. I love that pink shell. I have a few that are similar. Wishing you a wonderful time creating.

  2. How lovely this looks. We go often to Aberdeenshire up the A9 ... a visit seems like a must! Thanks for sharing.