Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sigh of relief

" Coastline Cabinet " and 3 Beach pieces are on their way to an exhibition.More information about that later.
Big sigh of relief.

All the fingers and toes crossed must have worked on the 10th so thank you.
I am hitting the big city for a few days, shopping and visiting friends. Taking a few days away from fabric and threads.
I have 2 pieces of work milling around in my brain,  each demanding my attention. They are at the pushing and shoving stage.
9 patches, naming it "Findings" 
This is based on sand ripples and using the coastlines from maps to connect the patches.

Lots of playing around in workbook ( designing) Long way to go yet
The other piece is based on tide marks and fences. I will use my last long piece of seaweed dyed fabric.

New ideas board started.
I think the "Findings" have won the chance to be worked on now. They screamed the loudest and punched the hardest. 
Long piece will have to simmer a bit longer and out of nowhere Winter Book has made itself known. Pushing gently forward.
A few days away needed, to rest this mish mash of a brain.Time to get to the Metropolis, view the Christmas shops and decorations. 

No post next week so leave you with the sparrows waiting to be fed, after a light snow.
My very best wishes for you all to enjoy a restful, loving Festive Season 

BYE   BYE      


  1. oh, you look like you have been quite busy.
    So happy that you have sent your pieces off, they look awesome.
    love all the other pieces too. wonderful to have a theme and to have it be the sea, sand and seaweed. Wishing you a wonderful time away.

  2. i like your modus operandi! and i found where the sand meets the sea, and it's not in a scarf... have a good exhibition!! n♥