Thursday, 31 December 2015


Reflecting on the last day of 2015.
A very sad, difficult and unhappy year for me. I leave 2015 as a widow.

The sunrise at 7.50,  31st of December  2015.

 After days of torrential rain, raging winds and dark skies, I take it as an omen that 2016 will have different challenges for me.
Stepping over the threshold from 2015 into 2016.

This is my affirmation for 2016.
 I will not be identified as " that widow woman"
I will be identified as " Maureen the textile Artist."
How is that for positive thinking. 
I plan to continue designing and stitching new work and hope you will look in to view the results.

My husband was very proud of his rose collection.
This one has survived the storms.

Tomorrow will be January 1st 2016 a New Year.
Health, Happiness and Creative Vibes to you all.



  1. You're a superb textile artist. 2016 will be your year of recognition. Love the seagull in the coastline cabinet. Happy new year.

  2. You already ARE known as Maureen the textile artist! May all your 2016 challenges be pleasant ones. You deserve it. Beautiful photos to help celebrate an end and a new beginning. Happy New Year!

  3. How very clever of the rose to still be blooming and look beautiful too.
    I do like your 2016 collage, lovely and colourful, maybe the cover for a colourful journal/sketchbook?
    Great photograph of the sunrise, it must have looked wonderful from your window.
    Happy 2016, see you soon, I hope.