Sunday, 6 December 2015

Wave Goodbye

" Coastline Cabinet " is finished. At long last.
Well just a few more postcards to stitch. 
Size  56cm. length  39cm. height  7cm. wide.
Everything in place.

A reminder.

Usually when I finish a piece of work for exhibition I don`t feel too precious about it. I am quite happy to see it go out into the Big Wide World.
If it sells Whoopee, if not it goes on the wall, becomes a present for family or friend and can even end up under the bed.
It is the research, problem solving and making I enjoy. The whole process from vague idea to finished piece. 
The " Coastline " piece is different. I hope it gets passed the jury on the 10th and if it sells Whoopee but I would be very sad to see it go.
This is a piece I would like to live with. Take out the books and "read" them, put other findings into the boxes and change the feathers. Always adding to it  with each new beach walk.
It has been important for me working on it at a difficult period in my life. Lots of happy and sad emotions tied up in this piece.

Waving Goodbye. If his wings moved he would flap them.

Look in next week To see new project for next exhibition. 9 patches based on sand ripples and beach findings. May have a name for it by next week.




  1. It's great! Well done on a fab finish.

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing your cabinet all finished. I am so not disappointed. It really looks wonderful! Very creative, clever and unique. Well done!