Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Back home

Home again from the big city. Have to admit I didn`t really do much. I heard a super concert, had a lovely vegetarian meal and watched an animated film. This was all on the first day and shared with special friends.
Visited an exhibition of different makers on second day and then hit the shops to do my Christmas shopping. I had planned to photo some of the Christmas sight but camera battery flat. It would have been an idea to check before leaving home.
Third and fourth days,  very mild but overcast not days for photos but camera now charged and I had planned long beach walks. Short drive out of city, then hit the beaches.

This is a very long, flat, stretch of beach, the day never lightened, but it is the lines from the ripples and tide that interest me.

The beach had bunches of these razor shells scattered along it. No idea why they were grouped this way

Walking back over the dunes spotted this fence. It is definitely  to keep folks out.

In this case it is for a good reason. The area has been marked off to protect special species of wild flowers.

This clump of sea buckthorn was a lovely splash of colour on a very grey day. Spotted on the way back to my car. The white stems look good with the  orange. Isn`t nature so clever with colour.

These paisley pattern shapes are the first batch made by members of the Embroiderers Guild. They will form part of a project for a Regional Day in April2016

 Have not picked up a needle, thread, paint or glue for a week and am beginning to have withdrawal symptoms but plan to get started again over the festive season.

Look in next week to see if beach walk has inspired me.



  1. Glad you had a good time in The Big City.
    I like your photographs of the beaches and looking forward to seeing some of it turned into textile art.

  2. I understand withdrawal from art!
    The beach walk looks inviting.
    Sweet week to you.