Monday, 4 January 2016

Not quite back to normal.

4th January, posting on a Monday as days not back to normal, just yet.

Received as a Christmas present. 1st reaction. very nice picture but I don`t do kits. Smiled nicely, thanked profusely and secretly thought Charity Shop.
Sitting at night by the fire listening to an audio book  (Bleak House by Charles Dickens)
Looked again at present. Unwrapped, thought it might be relaxing to have something mindless to sit with at night. Took me ages to tick off colours and match to sides of canvas. Thought I would make a start.
Addictive, just had to finish a skein.

My thank you note will be genuine.

Back to the day job
Looking at painting the squares as a whole, then cut up. Will see how this works. Visualize the squares being individual pieces but having a connection.

Pieces of maps glued randomly. Painted using a sponge.

Tissue paper glued down. Washed over with gesso. Sprayed with water before gesso dries.

Added Coastal lines from 3 location I have been visiting.
Good to get back to this piece of work again. Based on sand ripples and coast lines.

Still grey, windy, rainy Ugh.
May finish another skein.
Will be back posting on Sunday next week as festive season over.
Look in to view progress, if any and see how many skeins I have used




  1. Looks good, have fun with your tapestry! Happy 2016, hugs, Valerie

  2. I see kits in the same way. But a needlepoint kit works better than other types. I haven't done needlepoint in a whole lotta years. Too many yarn changes it wears thin so quickly. But it's a beautiful finish. I will have some gorgeous works someday that were done by my grandmother. I like what you've got in the works so far. Enjoy the entry into a new year.

  3. My daughter doesn't do kits either but I bought her a lovely one for Christmas. She has a baby and they just moved house and she was so over the moon to have some sewing that she could just pick up and put down without too much in the way of thought. They certainly have their place. Enjoy. :-)

  4. your stitching is beautiful, so even. how lovely that the gift worked out after all. I would have felt the same way. i feel like that about all the popular coloring books, yet understand how meditative they are.

    your ocean piece is looking wonderful, i enjoyed seeing the steps you took.
    wishing you a 2016 that overflows with days and nights that feel wonderful to you!

  5. Sometimes a kit is just what we need.
    And you are also doing creative work too.
    Enjoy these dismal days by the warm fire.