Sunday, 24 January 2016

Breaking rules

Still connected to the wider world. Have been considering, should I invest in some carrier pigeons, as a back up.A 6inch piece of corroded wire was the cause but the problem was B.T.

9 patches. Do you remember these?
Working the individual patches, keeping in mind I would like this to work as a whole piece as well as separate squares. 

They will be backed onto these artist boards.

Have settled on the name "FINDINGS"

Some of my findings.

Tapestry  I have been advised I am stitching it all wrong. There are rules. One is supposed to go back and forth in straight lines and it really should be in a frame. I never use a frame as I like to feel the fabric I am stitching. I used this same working practice to do tent stitch. Broke the rules. I am stitching wherever I fancy. Another rule broken.
A little pink thread.

A little green thread

Horrors I have broken the rules.
If I have a piece of pink left in my needle I move to another pink bit to finished off. More rules broken.
So glad I have my own work and I can break all the rules I want and usually do.
The tapestry is worked for my pleasure and I would never claim to be an expert. I am enjoying working it in my own way. 

Plan for next week

1  Finish more squares, at least 3.

2  Think about displaying

3 Visit Kalamkari exhibition again. 

Look in on Sunday and see if I have achieved any of above.




  1. Lots of fun projects in progress here - glad you are connected to the world again! Hugs, Valerie

  2. When you said "rules" I cringed with the thought of who has made up another stupid rule. As far as I'm concerned there are NO RULES. I too do as I please. I'm attracted to swirls too! a crow to something shiny. Your Findings look marvelous.

  3. Oh, I do like how the squares have developed from the start. At the beginning my favourite was the ninth, but going on I quite like the first of the three with the interesting shape on the left and the two shells with holes.
    I've never heard of doing straight lines in needlepoint, what a faff, you would have loads of threads hanging at the back just waiting to get into a nice tangle.
    Good to see new work going on. The Seagull has landed.

  4. how fun that you are breaking the rules and feel good about it.

    it seems quite fun to have 9 little pieces that work alone as well as all together. they are looking quite wonderful.

  5. Love the squares. Enjoy being naughty!