Sunday, 17 January 2016

1 st rant of 2016

British Telecom have left me without a telephone or broadband connection for 10 days -  so far. No clear indication when connection will be restored.
Main gripe is as a communication  network they are    Rubbish, really Rubbish. Customer service is Rubbish.  It has been expensive using my mobile, trying to contact someone who can give me clear information - not found anyone yet.
I have pressed numbers 1-----4 so many times , I am continually advised to go to I HAVE NO BROADBAND CONNECTION or I am told I am in a queue - 35 minutes is a long queue.
Big rant but I feel better but still no phone or broadband.
 At a friends as I was having withdrawal symptoms.
Who would have believed a year ago I would be upset because I was denied access to my computer.

Thank goodness the seagull was safely installed.

 If he was at home he would have been upset as I tried to remain calm but ended shouting into the mobile.
Sorry nearly started an other rant.

I made a book of photographs to accompany the installation as only the buyer!!!!!!!! will be able to browse the books and look in the boxes.

 The exhibition looks good so if you are in the area please stop and visit.

I am still tent stitching.Would like to think it had helped me stay calm throughout the BT debacle but that would not be true.
Lets hope next week I am reconnected.




  1. None of us is happy when this happens. But, good grief! 10 days? far. That is most surely rant worthy!

  2. Ten days is a LONG time to be without phone and internet!
    I think most people would be upset.

    So glad all worked out with your wonder-ful box! The book looks wonderful too.
    Wishing that all gets working well for you and for a long time.

  3. Your box look tremendous at the show, loved everything in it. The seagull was happy to be at a Bird Centre.

  4. Looking forward to going through your book the next time I visit the show.