Sunday, 29 November 2015

This is almost it

After much deliberation I have chosen the photo as the background for the seagull.
I have printed onto fabric, added strips of sheers and stitched on French knots for texture. Along the bottom I glued on sand. The seagull has given it his approval.

 Oh and I have fixed his eyes.

 This is the last of the seagull saga. I am pleased, the seagull is pleased and I am sure everyone out there will be pleased to see the last of him. 
Have drawn seaweed to go inside the small books space.

Once photo background is backed and fixed in place the " Coastline Cabinet " will be finished.
This is almost it at long last.

Back to the workbook. 
Looking at starting a new piece based on 9 patches.
Using the sand ripples and the lines from coastal maps. No idea where this is going or what the end result will be.

 Thinking about it being a whole 9 patch piece but each piece will work in its own right. I have seen various work in exhibitions using the 9 patch idea so the idea is not mine. I hope I can make my piece my own, using my style.

 Plan for next week.

1    Finally finish Cabinet

2   Work through ideas for next piece

3   Get work packed for 10th Dec.

Look in next week to give a last wave to Seagull.




  1. Love the seagull. Good luck with your plans for the rest, have fun! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Amazing - I will check back to say Good bye to th seagull!

  3. that really does look like the seas shore! Well done.
    It is fun for me to see how each person goes about their art, planning it out and then to see the results. It is all looking so good. Was just thinking, a threshold could be where the sand meets the first bit of sea.

  4. Your textile version of the sea photo is pretty amazing, really well done, and it is just right for the seagull space.
    What a fascinating marathon this box has been on, and what a fantastic end result, I am so impressed.