Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nearly there

The seagull thought he would have his wings on today. He was hoping and so was I.
Unexpected visitors, which was lovely, but wings will have to wait until tomorrow. Poor, poor seagull.

The strips of fabric with hand and machine stitching added. I use this technique often and I thought it would work for the seagulls wings.

Sitting cosy by the fire on a very wet and miserable evening. I used a mag, which happened to be within reach, for my pattern. How lazy is that.

The seagull is so patient, putting up with being wrapped in bits of a mag. instead of his wings. Its a wonder he hasn`t used that beak to seek revenge on me.

The wings look a bit crude but hoping by tomorrow they will be more refined. and so does the seagull.

 I really don`t think he will sit for any more indignities
so has to have his wings tomorrow.

Plan   1, 2, 3.

Finish bird. 



  1. Aaaww, seagull has a little car rug to keep him warm.
    Why is he cold if he is in front of the fire?
    Teddies understand about visitors visiting.

  2. i think using the magazine for pattern making is inspired
    ah- paper- make the pattern
    wow, that is some energy that goes into making the fabric!
    it looks as though your seagull is wrapped in a lovely blanket

  3. Well lets hope the blanket looks more like wings when I am finished. Trying to source small eyes, the ones for dolls and bears are too large. The seagull might end up with French knots, we will see
    Thanks for taking the time to look in