Sunday, 22 November 2015

Almost at the end

The seagull has eyes. He is pleased , at last eyes to see with.
I am not sure and wish my eyes would tell me what is not quite right. He is a Herring gull so needs red round his eyes.

 I have been looking at the sand ripple photos I took, some time ago.

Had a really enjoyable play with a purpose day.
Brown paper, Pastels, Paint and a White oil bar.
Made some monotype prints until I was happy with a design. Printed onto fabric and then stitched using dyed wool thread and a rayon thread to give a little reflection.

Have put this in place behind the little boxes.

Debris is finished. I have decided to mount the 3 "COASTLINE" pieces on clear acrylic. Waiting to have it cut to size.


 Started another postcard.

 A busy but enjoyable week. Lots of bits and pieces finished.
Almost at the end of this body of work.

Plan for next week

1   Look at those eyes again
2   Finish postcard
3   Mount Seaweed, Shells, Debris.


Sorry some words have appeared in the wrong place.
Have spent ages trying to right this and have given up in despair. Had begun to believe my computing skills were improving but not so.
See you next week, going for a cuppa and a choc, biscuit

1 comment:

  1. Great work with the sand ripples. Your monotype/sewing looks terrific behind the boxes, really shows them to their best advantage..
    I like your postcard.
    Have you decided what is going to be behind the seagull yet?