Sunday, 15 November 2015

The waiting is over

At last he is finished, except for his eyes.

A bit of an anti climax really.
He sits there looking quite ordinary.

 No indication of the difficulties I have experienced trying to make him. Trying to find a seagull, taking photos and all the delaying tactics I used. I knew he would be difficult to make and give me lots of problems to solve. He did.
Wished at one point I could carve with wood as thought that might be an easier option. It would have presented its own series of problems, I suspect.

I am pleased with the way he sits in his place and have promised him I will fix his eyes.

 What do you think?

Next decision is what background will I give him.
One of my photos?

One of my drawings?

It is always about the correct decision.
 The seagull has brought the cabinet together.

From the discovery that the cabinet had been made in the wrong size, till here we are almost finished. I would like to find a shell stencil or stamp. Normally  I
   make my own but have not been happy with the results so far.
A few more postcards to be stitched.
"Coastline" needs to be ready to be juried on the 10th December as I am hoping he will be in an exhibition in January.

3rd piece of work in the "Coastline" series is started

I  planned to make the 3 pieces the same size but this one had other ideas and is slightly longer,

Still to be stitched but should be finished for the deadline 10th December.

Plan for next week

1     Finish bits and bobs for Cabinet

2     Finish Debris

3     Think about presentation for Seaweed, Seaglass
       and Debris

Big Big sighs of relief. The Seagull is made

BYE    BYE.  


  1. Seagull is tremendous, can't begin to imagine how you made him. Great wings, face and yellow beak and he is lovely and white. I like him against the sea, he looks at home there. He really finishes off the box, in fact he is now the star turn (of course).

  2. He knew how to be made, Maureen. He just waited patiently for you to figure him out. He's wonderful! Living up to all his hype. I like both backgrounds for him but I lean to your drawing. For me your drawing fits the best amongst your other handmade objects. If your cabinet does not pass jury, then a new jury should be selected! This is a fabulous, original art piece.

  3. I so enjoy seeing your seagull, it is wonderful from every angle. your box is a wonderful home, a perfect place to perch with all your other delightful windows. I do not think there is anything ordinary about the wings.

  4. It has been lovely watching this piece come together - really inspiring to see it taking shape. Thank you for sharing

    1. I usually send an e/mail with thanks for looking in. I not sure if anyone comes back to see reply.
      Thank you for comments. Have you been following the saga of the Seagull for a while? I suspect followers will be as relieved as me he at last has come together.

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  6. Well he's rather grand isn't he! Certainly looks at home. I like the draw piece as his background best. It's more in keeping I think.

  7. Seagull looks very happy. Ive been following his story!