Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Wrapping the Seagull

The seagull is being wrapped in white felt. This will smooth all the lumps and bumps out of him-- he is a he.
I wish wrapping in felt whatever colour would  smooth my lumps and bumps.


He looks a bit odd but I am hoping it will all come together in the end.
I didn`t want to make a stuffed fabric bird, I didn`t want him looking a bit Walt Disneyish, nor did I want a perfect replica of a seagull. I couldn`t make that anyway.
Hope the vision inside my head works.

If you have followed my blog from the begin you will know I like texture and this is a method I have used before to construct a textured  fabric.
Strips of hand dyed materials a selection of threads and my embellisher.

This will become the wings. Trust me but keep your fingers and toes crossed that this all works

Look in next week to see the bird, at last , coming together and about time everyone is saying.
I can hear you.

BYE     BYE    


  1. Goodness me! A wrapped seagull in his little winter blanket with a hood, seriously love it! He's definitely taking shape. Looking forward to the next stage, thanks for the interim update.
    Teddies are going ballistic.

  2. So I'll just admit it and say it.....it's about time. The anticipation of this little guy is some super hype now. And I'm sure he (you) is going to deliver.

  3. so interesting to see your method for breathing life into your seagull. I would have never guessed.

  4. Looking good! I'm sure he will evolve in his own way. It's when the seagull decides he actually wants to be an eagle you have trouble.