Wednesday, 29 April 2015

4 Seasons in one day

Today has really been 4 seasons in one day. I have been bringing my greenhouse plants outside every morning but today it is too cold, rainy and windy. They stay inside in the warmth today.

Two types of lily bulbs grown on from last year and pots and pots of Fuchsia. I usually lose a few Fuchsia over Winter but this year it was quite mild and all have survived.

I grow the tulips in pots, when flowering is over I find a space in the garden for them. The yellow ones are in with the roses. The flower is never quite as good as 1st year but  OK.

The Trilliums grow in the woodland part of the garden. They disappear all year and in the Spring there they are as if by magic.

First bluebells out. This wooded area becomes a little bluebell wood when they all appear. Another week before it is at its best.

This clematis is one of the alpina varieties. Lovely strong colour. It scrambles up an old Rowen tree.

The flower heads are quite delicate looking but they stand rain and  wind so are quite hardy.

Hope the weather improves by the weekend as I have some work to do in the garden



  1. Your clematis is spectacular for a flower at this time of year, how clever of them not to get rain-splattered.
    Trilliums can be very temperamental, you surely have green fingers.
    I really love the pink tulips standing up so straight.
    Thanks for another Spring garden tour.

  2. Your florals are beauties!!! I'm just dying for a landscape viewing to get a sense of the beautiful view of the setting of your yard/garden. I keep watching and hoping.