Sunday, 12 April 2015

Events beyond my control

Late posting

Coming and going over 2 days so events beyond my control.  Not really done to say"excuse me but you must now depart as I have a Blog to publish."
Perhaps if one is a truly big blogger one might just say "go"  I do enjoy visitors just not at blog time.

I have  also been very busy in my garden and greenhouse as at this time of the year there is so much to do

This is all leading up to excuse time.
So enough, this is what I have added to the book this week.

This is my method for making the scrolls.
I stitch the rolled edges over a cocktail stick.

Stitch cords to the back,down the middle. Turn to the front and roll each side into the middle. Knot the cords over rolled scroll and stitch to the page from the back. This is when I wish I had 3 hands 15 fingers.

Added to 1st page / last page when book is opened.
I do think this page is now finished unless fairy magic comes up with a good idea.

Have used sewing machine to write words. I had planned to hand stitch them but I did not like the effect. Messy, using a different method, so stayed with the sewing machine.

Have extended the words over 2 pages. Will stitch across the back to ensure the page folds.

Have cut a stencil and printed barley shapes onto this page.

Stitched beards on the barley using gold threads.

Made an appointment to visit Crop Research Institute 
( 25 minutes from my home) Hoping to get information and oat seeds. 
Mixed media/ textiles do take one to interesting places.
I felt I needed more information to add to unfinished pages.Crop yield etc.and perhaps a chance to do some drawing.

Not a lot to show for a weeks work.
Look in next Sunday and see If I have a more productive week.

Bye Bye



  1. I'm fascinated by your scroll and the way you made it, the sewn words (so perfect) and your barley stencil.
    The Ceres page looks wonderful, so complex.
    Ah, the pull between Real Life, making art and blogging, good luck with that.

  2. Oh! Lovely post containing your "secrets" to the making of. Love this! Look at those beautiful barley beards. Love that too. I don't have to worry about gardening, it doesn't call to me at all...except to look at someone else's pretty results of outdoor laboring in the dirt. Enjoy your visit to the Research Institute.