Sunday, 5 April 2015

Moving Things On

Thank you for looking in.

Lots of fiddling ( designing ) this week and more wasted sheets of inkjet printing material. Very frustrating, as it is the wrong time of the year to take new photographs of harvest fields. I started book 1 in Aug/Sept 2014 and it was about Spring planting. This book is about Harvest and I started it in Feb 2015. I have not quite got the timing right. Will I manage the Winter book in Nov/Dec.?  I hope so.

One is lighter than I want and the other has the machines in the wrong place. I will look back over some other workbooks as I know I have another photo which should work.

Moving things on.

Have worked out the finish for little bottles of seeds.
I  have put out the word I am looking to source oat seeds but not porage oats as someone ( who will remain nameless, but you know who you are.) suggested.

Scrolls worked out, this took lots of fiddling.
They can be opened and read but it will take a little effort to untie. I like the idea one will have to work a little to read the written word.

The poppy was supposedly given to Ceres, to help her sleep, when she was grieving for her daughter Proserpine. The poppy is also a symbol of her tears.
This is what is written inside the scroll.


This page is almost finished. I will embroider some words across 2 pages. 
3 pages finished, 2 more started so if my maths are correct I have 1 more to start on.

Thought I had finished inside hinges but not 100% happy with it so this will probably change.

Plan for next week

1  Embroider words " The Wheel of the Year has turned  once more."

2  Source oat seeds

3  Finish pages already begun.

4  Think about last page

 Look in next Sunday to see how work is progressing

My threads are now a tangled jumble as the stitching on Lughnasadh progresses Should spend an evening 
tidying up. 
Dare not show my desk. 

Bye Bye


  1. This is such a mysterious book with the printing on fabric, the little bottles, the scrolls and the complicated sewing and stitching, miles away from what I do so therefore endlessly fascinating.
    Thank you for telling us what is written inside the scroll to save us the hard work of unwinding it.
    Are oat seeds one of the few things we cannot buy from Amazon?
    I like your basket at the end, and the story about the poppy and Ceres with her portrait and the embroidery..

  2. Great how your work is progressing, and how tenaciously you are sticking to it and getting it done! Valerie

  3. I am happily fascinated examining each piece/photo. The knotting and twisting and wrapping of your twines is mind-boggling. Yet looks amazing. Your creativity with photo printing, stitching twining, hinging and so much mixed media blending so well is such beauty.