Sunday, 19 April 2015

Decision made

At long last a decision has been made for inside back cover. I have tried so many different photos before deciding on this one.
 I used all my silk inkjet printing sheets (must remember to order more) but at last I am happy. Other photos were interesting but didn`t work with front inside cover.
I now have a variety of printed sheets waiting for another project. 

Inside spine changed. If you recall I was not happy with first attempt.
Decision made and now happy as is (fairy magic)

Images of Oats, Wheat and Barley throughout the book. Childrens action song.

Oats and Wheat and Barley grow
You or I or nobody knows 
How Oats and Wheat and Barley grow

There are about 4 verses

Decision made about 2nd page. I changed the layout.
Another page almost finished.

Pages 2 and 3 almost finished. Just 5 to get working on.

Have added a poppy to the 1st page. These pages are now definitely finished.

Decision made about adding gesso to outside covers.
(fairy magic said "just get on with it") so it is done.
This has muted the colour a little and added some protection to covers from handling.

O.K. What do you think ?

Plan for next week .

1    Get to Crop Research to make postponed visit.

2     Work on remaining pages

3     Think about outside spine

4     Make machine cords to attach to covers. These 
       will close the book.

Look in next Sunday to view progress. 

Some of my art supplies. A certain make of coffee jar makes great pen holders.

Bye. Bye.



  1. Front and back covers look magical, completely beyond my understanding.
    Love the wheaty thing in the middle.
    Pages are terrific too, love the rhyme in its stripy page.
    Looking forward to seeing the third bottle filled with oat seeds, have a nice time at the Crop Research place, I'm sure they will be fascinated by your book.

    Always like to see art supplies, oho you have inktense blocks, they're wonderful.

    1. Thanks for looking in I dont know about them being fascinated they will probably wonder who they have let into their building.

  2. Your books are so unique and clever and interesting and educational too. I think it's a Barley thing in the center. (Sheila says wheat but it looks more like your Barley pieces to me.) Anyway, it makes a cool center piece detail. All the pages are just mindboggling with awesome details.

    Fabulous collections of art supplies! Lately I'm trying to corral my supplies. Too many and they're too spread out! LoL

    1. It is in fact wheat. Thank you again for taking the time to visit. I am trying to use up supplies I have and am dyeing material instead of buying another colour . Interesting results.

  3. Love how the book is progressing! Valerie