Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Turn your back

At this time of the year, turn your back and another shrub has popped its buds and another flower has appeared. One needs to be out twice and sometimes 3 times a day not to miss that moment when a new flower head opens.

Isn`t  this something. Once again name lost. could be Tahiti or Cheerfulness.

This is such a pop of violet and yellow. This group greet me at my front door. Makes me smile as I scramble in my bag for my keys.

The Flowering Currant, everyone has this very common shrub, but at this time of year it puts on a really good show. Pity about the perfume, well smell really.

You will by this time realize I like Hellebores. This is the only double one I grow.
I choose single headed plant to attract bees and other insects. I know the daffodil was double but I have plenty of other varieties which are single. So thats alright.

A promise of things to come. Buds growing fatter every day. This is rhododendron Elizabeth and is very red. 

This is the Camellia in almost full bloom. This is the only one  which is hardy enough to grow in my garden. The garden is in an exposed site and if there is a late frost the flowers turn brown. This year,so far, the weather has been kind.



  1. The plants in your garden are so colourful and beautiful, great photos.
    Yes, the Flowering Currant may be common but no less appreciated for that.
    The crazy daffodils are fun.

    1. sorry I could not help with name of your plant. It is a beauty. It would be fun to have a video panning round the garden.