Sunday, 26 April 2015

The end nearly in sight

I like to use sewing machine made cords as a way of fastening my books.

This is the fastening for a map style book, recording some walks round my local area.


Fastening for the 1st book in the Farming series


I dye the piping cord before sewing as it helps to disguise any spaces missed when machining.


Threads, piping cord and spools ready for an afternoon at sewing machine.

I like to fill a number of spools before I begin. Nothing more frustrating than a spool running out and everything stops till you locate and fill a new one.(fairy magic hates it as well)
One can buy, one colour, ready to use cords but I like my cords to have a variety of colours as I think they are more interesting.


This is how the front and back of book 2 will look. Not quite finished yet .
Next week!!!!!!!!

I sewed the cords to the linen strip then had to resort to my curved needle and pliers to attach to cover.

I plan to close the book in the same way as the scrolls 3 cords intertwined.
Really making one work to get into the written word.
The story secreted away.
A quest to open the book?

Another page finished. Can you spot the stitched sheaves? This is my take on Wheatsheaf stitch.
There really is an embroidery stitch of this name. I had to use it.
Added another scroll. A theme of 3 is in this book. I know it is a lucky number and we have the Trinity and all that but I must look up meanings of 3.

Still no visit to collect Oats. Had to cancel again. Unforeseen circumstances. It is now left I phone when I can make it. Perhaps next week?

Really see the end in sight now.
1 more page and finish covers.

See you next week
Bye Bye


  1. Nice little treatise on wrapped cords. I like the idea of dyeing the cord before wrapping and I seem to now remember doing this too. Imagine getting everything ready in baskets, how organised, and also filling spools beforehand (but we can't upset fairy magic, who knows what might happen then). The basket of yellow threads looks lovely.
    That looks really hard work sewing on the cords to the book but it does look extremely good.
    Your Wheatsheaf Improved stitch looks wonderful and so perfect for this book.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Did not plan to do an embroidery stitch but could not resist when I discovered there was a Wheatsheaf stitch. Hope to get the book finished soon.

  3. Love, love, love your stitched cords! I must remember this. They are so unique looking. Thank you so much for sharing your secret. I have noticed them and wondered their story. Me thinks you are a master knotted. Your tied cords have such a mysterious and secret look. I love your thought process of having to work at untying the cords to get inside the book. Fascinating.....simply fascinating!

    1. You are very kind and I do appreciate the comments. I once read about precious spell books which were bound with strips of fabric and the knots were part of the spell. It must have been in my brain soup when I was thinking about this book

  4. These Cords look so awesome, and sewing them onto the linen Strip is a good idea! i´m not really familiar with sewing machines (just can manage to get a straight stitch), so i have no idea how you really make These Cords, but you really make good use of them. and i LOVE this wheatsheaf stitch, so apt here! this is a wonderful Project, a joy to see.... thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Thank you. If your machine has zig zag stitch you can make cords. I usually use very simple stitches but had to do Wheatsheaf when I saw it .

  6. Thanks for sweet comment on my blog Mo, you have an interesting blog and I love your book and the cords, so beautiful and creatively made. Wish you a lovely weekend.

  7. Thank you so much for looking in. I am new to blogland but am enjoying the trip and it does make me work