Sunday, 20 March 2016

Was it a fluke?

Officially Spring. Beautiful day. Ready for Easter.

There was a bee but it kept moving.
Did a 4 mile walk this morning to celebrate Day being longer than Night today. Countryside looking good.

I like the way farmers recycle.

I know the farmer wasn't thinking about lines but I like this.
This post was to reassure me 1st post was not a fluke.


  1. Wonderful Spring photos! Sometimes the best things happen when no thought goes into for the farmer not trying to think artistically. No fluke, but you might even get this comment in your email this time.

  2. No fluke.
    Super clear photographs, lovely crocuses and walk view.
    Love the gate.

  3. Beautiful photos! Nature is always inspiring - we are not so far with spring signs this year -- much too cold here at the moment.

    oxo Susi

  4. sounds and looks like a wonderful walk
    just the type of thing i like to do in celebration of spring