Sunday, 17 April 2016

A bit of this a bit of that


Embroiderers Guild Regional Day. This is what happened to all the Paisley shapes people stitched.

They look spectacular. Over 700 were sent in.

Can you spot yours?

Even the carpets throughout the venue have the pattern woven in.

A different shape. A little more play with paper and paint from the Verdant Works visit.

Beach ramble with my granddaughter.

Deposited by high tide, then discarded.
We had an interesting conversation, (phone had to be left in the car) Where ones spiritual home would be. Beach, Forest, Mountains or Countryside. If you are always in a urban environment would your soul be refreshed by buildings streets etc.
Forests are my least favourite places. I find them claustrophobic. I am refreshed by wide open spaces.
Where is your spiritual home?
I did say this was a bit of this and a bit of that.

A bit more stitching on Coastal piece. Not sure if I use the black or brown feather print. In the end might go back to hand stitching a feather.
Hope you look in next week.


  1. Oh my. Those paisley creations are so unique! I love your beach photos. The post is a nice photo op find! It's so interesting. I really love the ocean but I love the mountains just as much. I can't seem to choose right now which would be my choice. Maybe I need to be split. LoL

  2. those paisleys are wonderful.
    i like the conversation you shared with your granddaughter.
    spiritual home is within myself. i do live with forest around me and open to meadows as well and big skies, ponds and creeks and i find it all lovely.
    wonderful to see the things you have been creating. I hope house finding is going well for you.

  3. The paisley embroideries are very interesting, with lots of colours and bumpy bits.
    I much prefer your own subdued textiles here with the lovely colours of the sea and coast. Your photos are lovely and calming too.
    At the moment my spiritual home is at at home. It's an interesting question.