Sunday, 24 April 2016

Getting on with it.

This piece has been selected to be displayed on the EDGE stand at the Knitting and Stitch Show in Edinburgh at the Royal Highland Centre.

Look out for it

I find it very difficult to photo long pieces so some close ups.

It is a memory of a 3 days Field Walking trip with a local archaeology group. The field was carefully measured and each person was allocated an area. The group got quite excited as I kept stopping to add to my container. Laughter when they discovered I was collecting any old pieces of metal, mainly from tractors. The group thought I was having beginners luck and finding artefacts. It is named Field Diaries.

At last a free day. Where do I begin, coastal piece or Verdant Works.
Coastal piece won out. I have been making excuses to not start this stage. Printing, bond a web, working out size of lettering and font etc. Lot of little decisions instead of being able to sit and stitch.

So getting on with it. This fabric was wrapped round seaweed and left in rock pools.

First part finished. The themes are sand ripples. coastlines and fences.
Look in next week to view where I am going with this.


  1. You have a wonderful imagination for working with found pieces and turning them into art. I look at all your details and think..."I would never have thought of that!" I love looking at your artwork and finding all the great details hidden within it.

  2. Yes, I saw it IRL and it was amazing.
    Your coastal pieces are so different from my work and therefore fascinating to watch them develop.