Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sun Sun and more Sun

2 weeks ago I had a holiday on Arran. A beautiful island, made even better by the glorious weather
Ferry crossing makes it seem like a really big trip even though the crossing takes only 55 minutes. Just time to get a cuppa and get on deck to watch the docking.

I crossed over to the Holy Isle on my last day before catching the ferry home. I went for all sorts of reasons but the main one was to see this.
It is called The Bird of Solace and was commissioned as a memorial for a special woman. The bird landed in the wonderful Mandela Garden on the Holy Isle. I spent a special time with the gardeners Sarah and Sid who have created and lovingly tended this very amazing garden.
The island has some rock paintings but they are too garish for my Scottish taste.
This week Lines and more Lines. No idea where this is going but hoping something will click.

These were made by wax crayoning all over the page then putting another page on top and drawing with a ball point pen. The colour is lifted from the bottom page.
Stones collected from the beach on Arran.

Making myself draw. This was graphic drawn into with a rubber. An idea is mulling away but not quite clear enough yet. I think felt might be involved.
The shape of a small square within a larger one keeps occurring.
This rose travelled with me when I moved house. I wasn`t sure it would survive being uprooted but it appears to be thriving. It has a strong scent and was one of my husbands favourites.

Please look in next week.
BYE      BYE

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  1. Glad you had such a good Arran trip and pretty clever (or fortuitous) to get good weather).
    I'm quite fascinated by your line work, and look forward to seeing more. Felt????
    I'm surprised that the rose travelled but of course not surprised as you have the greenest of fingers.