Sunday, 19 July 2015

looking back again

No post last week due to family bereavement.
So still looking back over past work.  The ability to lose myself in stitching has deserted me for the time being, as for trying to move" Coastlines" on, my head is full of mince. This is a saying used in this part of the world. Quite apt at the moment even though I am a vegetarian.
Looking back at workbooks and photos has been a good exercise. 
Has my work changed.                        Yes
Has my way of working changed.         No
Am I using a different colour palette    Yes
Am I using different materials              Yes 
Has the subject matter changed           Yes

I was pleased with past pieces but looking back I see lots of ways I could have extended or even excluded
to make them work better.
No mistakes or failures just each a piece in its own right,  to learn something from, to take forward into new work, often being cut up and added to another piece of work.

 Photos of work in progress for a piece called "Circles of my Mind" made a few years ago.
Quite appropriate as I worked this in sections when husband started treatment for mouth cancer and I spent a lot of time waiting in clinics.
I added each section onto a linen backing. This piece had lots of rusting and fabric buried in the earth.
Unfortunately it  was a rush to get it into an exhibition on time and it sold before I got round to taking a photo of the finished piece. I make sure I photo everything now before it gets packed up for exhibitions.

The way I work.

I still do lots of research before I start new work and I fill workbooks with ideas, I like to be absorbed in my subject before I even think about fabrics etc.
My work has lots of layers and I found working in sections and then putting it all together works for me.
Do I need to change? Perhaps, but for the moment it works OK.

These smaller pieces were made continuing the circles theme, for another exhibition and I remembered to photograph them.

Hope to be stitching again soon but still lots to look back on.
Bye   Bye


  1. Good to see you back blogging again, long may it continue.
    I rather like these circles shown singly. The enlargements have a lovely purply look to them, and you can see what a lot of work there is to each of them.

  2. As usual, I have enjoyably examined each piece, all the while with jaw-dropping awe at your stitching talents and details and creativity within your unique art pieces. It's so refreshing to watch you and listen to your artistic process. My sympathys for your loss. My continued support for your art.

  3. this are beautiful
    and so attractive