Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Absence of Flowers

The snow yesterday has prevented any flowers opening. The sun is shining the sky is blue but so cold. The flowers very sensibly have kept closed.
The garden posts mid week are made to prevent me forgetting the skills needed to post. This gives the impression I am some dotty old women, old I maybe but not yet dotty although I am blogland challenged.

This zinc bathtub is filled with daffodils. It will be a few weeks till it is in full bloom. Not meant to have snowdrops in it, these few must have decided they wanted in on the act.

In place of flowers. The prayer flags have survived a year in the garden. They look as good as new, only the string holding them has been replaced.


  1. Your snowdrops seem to jump in odd places, quite nice to see them among the daffodils.
    We've now got a few of yours (the doubles) popping up where we didn't plant them, isn't that clever of them.
    Your prayer flags look so fresh and new, that's amazing, through all the wind and rain.

  2. Spring is almost here. The bulbs will be magnificent. I don't believe this bit about being blogland chalanged, Its Awesome !!

    1. I agree, you are making a lovely blog. I like your idea of alternate art and garden posts and the way you are posting on fixed days.

    2. Thank you for your support. It is important to me.