Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In the pink

Thank you for looking in.

Great sunny days this week . Flowers popping everywhere. The first bloom on Camellia has appeared

The shrub is covered in buds so this single flower will soon be joined by loads more. It is quite a sight

The everlasting wallflower was a cutting from a large 3 year old plant which was wonderful sight all year round. It died in November. Pleased the cutting has taken and this is the first flower. Wonder if it will be as long lived and as prolific when in flower.

Think these are Tete a Tete not fully open. Little bright patches under shrubs.

Wonder shade of red. Has been in flower for weeks. Sitting in porch so first thing I see when I enter my home.


1 comment:

  1. Camellia is really beautiful, it's a super photograph.
    I find I have to take cuttings of the Perennial Wallflower every couple of years, it can either get straggly and woody or die, but cuttings come quite easily. It does flower so profusely throughout the whole year it's no wonder it sometimes gives up.