Sunday, 1 March 2015


Thank you for looking in 
A peek at pages from my workbook. This is the beginning of the research for the 2nd book in my Field series. I always enjoy starting a new project. I love doing the research. Playing with paper and paint in my workbook. At some point I always have to remind myself to stop playing and get making.

Lughnasadh will be name of 2nd book. Taken from the Celtic god Lugh associated with Harvest Festival, Celebrating end of Summer, a good Crop and Fertility.

Best laid plans of Mice and Men etc.
I had carefully measured the size for each piece of embellished fabric I required to cover front and back covers for book.
I then decided when I began making up covers I would extend over the edge and into inside of covers. 3 inches / 8cm. short.
Embellisher to the rescue. Added a piece of fabric to back of work, overlapping edges. Added more dyed strips and embellished like mad. 


Looks a bit odd but when hand and machine stitching is added it will be as good as new.
Just annoyed at the extra time spent making it alright.

I like to do a rough mock up, to get idea of size of pages and where I will place stitching, photos, writing etc. When I begin pages (they) will take on a life of their own and stitching, photos, writing etc. will go where (they) think is best. The magic dust takes over. It usually works out O.K. but I like to make my mock up. It makes me feel I am in charge ( Ha Ha. Go with the magic dust I say) 

Plan to finish covers and begin pages in the coming week . 
Look in to see if I manage without another gremlin coming to visit.
See you next Sunday 5.00
Bye Bye   


  1. It's fascinating to see paper to textile progression when I usually see the finished piece.
    Love the corn circle and the yellow stitched stripes and quite like the add-on, it looks quite jolly.
    We can measure twice and cut once but the textile will often have the last laugh, and usually at the end, I find, when we think we are nearly finished.
    The magic dust might take over but maybe not so skilfully if the preparation and paperwork had not been previously done?

  2. Super stuff. Keep going, it's going to be Awesome !!