Sunday, 8 March 2015

Moving on

Thank you for looking in.
Re last weeks post, about adding stitching to the embellished fabric to get new length, this is how it looked.

I then dyed to match original fabric. 

Looks as good as new. Can you see the join?

Book covers finished and although it gave me extra work I am pleased I decided to take fabric inside covers.

Have been researching Ceres Roman Goddess of Agriculture. She was thought to give the gift of a good Harvest-rewarded celebrating the fertility of the soil.
Also known as Demeter - Greek Goddess with the same function. ( Romans took her over)
Ceres was credited with teaching humans  how to grow and prepare grain Ceres -Cereal. She was responsible for the fertility of the land.
Pages for Lughnasadh Book 2 will feature her story.

Pages from my workbook. I usually use a A3 workbook but decided this time to try A5 landscape.


Pages will be 4+6 inches 10+16 cm.
I thought this fine linen would work but it is too pale.
Think I need to dye it a stronger corn colour.

Plan for coming week.

1  Dye linen and begin placing information on pages

2  Construction problem to solve.
    Joining book covers - Tricky- Stitched fabric is 
    thicker than Book 1 covers. They were painted 
    paper and fabric strips.

These little objects all have a story (special to events in my life )  I like to keep them on the window sill of my "studio" A little shrine to creativity and positive thoughts.

Positive thought has let me down. Have ended up with same photo twice. Unable to delete one so sorry you will have to look at objects twice.

Look in next Sunday 5.00 to see progress on pages and to view the cubby hole I laughingly call my studio.

Bye Bye 



  1. Lots of fascinating pictures. Clever how the add-on blended in, it looks perfect and your book covers are terrific.
    Enjoyed seeing your paper-work progressions and sample stitching.
    Loved seeing your special objects.
    This is a super blogpost.

    1. Thank you for all your support. Your encouragement is appreciated. Special objects have moved around with me. Perhaps its time to add new ones to window sill.

  2. The grainy effect on the fabric is terrific. Full marks to Demeter. The wee objects are fascinating. Love it, Awesome !!

    1. You dont think humans managed to workout farming principles without the help of Gods?
      Still not sure about awesome but thanks