Sunday, 15 March 2015

Listen to the Fairy Dust

Thank you for looking in.

Very frustrating week. Not as much progress as hoped for.
I spent hours fiddling ( designing ) trying to workout best placement on page one.
Fairy dust was saying place on right hand side, I was trying left side, up, down, middle to place Ceres.
Lesson learned ( always listen to the fairy dust )
Would like to say I will in future but unlikely as I like to think I know best.

Notice slight difference in colour of linen ? Not a huge change but I think more interesting.

Then printer ran out of black ink. Computer had been warning me for a few days - did nothing about it. So held up again. Thursday before I was back on track.
Printed words from old songs connected  to Lughnasadh. Used Extrav Organza, which I painted with lemon dye.

Will make little scrolls from these and add to some pages. Little secrets.

Book covers joined. More work needed on finish of hinges. I enjoy finding solutions to the construction of my books.

Going to a lecture given by Jan B. and Jean L. on Friday20th and a 10.00 / 4.00 workshop on Sat 22 March. Wonder how productive I will be on pages this week. 1 almost finished, 5 to go.

This is Dundee Embroiderers Guild 60th anniversary this year. The lecture is the first of many events throughout 2015 to mark the occasion.

A peek at supplies from the cubby hole (studio)

Look in next Sunday 5.00 to see how my week has gone.

Bye  Bye


  1. I feel like I'm sitting in, watching you work, and examining each process. Your creativity is fascinating and beautiful. And I always love seeing artist's supplies and creative spaces too.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Annie. The idea of the blog ,for me, was to try to record the making of Book 2. Like lots of artists my dearest wish is to have a large light studio but I have to manage with the cubby hole.

  2. Your studio looks well organised. Will we see more of it next week?
    I'm really enjoying your textile progress, but you should never listen to fairy dust, it can lead you on to strange places.
    Interesting idea to print on organza then hide the words in a scroll, your secret from the world.
    Can"t imagine how you hinged your book, but will see it one day, hopefully.
    Another very nice and entertaining blogpost.

  3. John Barleycorn is super for your Frame. The book is developing nicely. One of the rules of life is that printer is always out of ink, or is eating paper, or something. Awesome !!