Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fairy Dust triumphs

Thank you for looking in.

Last week I posted after a few days work and it showed.
Printing colour was wrong. I used wrong photo for back inside cover. The one I posted was from a copy free web site, beautiful photos  but not my twilight photo. I printed wheat instead of barley and so on and on.

Fairy dust was shouting( this is not good enough ) I knew dust was right but I thought of the frustrating time I had spent printing, the wasted materials and time wasted. I thought I would be able to doctor it etc. 

We have all been there , sometimes it is possible to rescue a piece of work. Not this time.

I started on pages with ( Fairy dust still shouting in my head ) Wednesday 9.30 a.m. I undid poor work from week before. Fairy dust triumphant. Short of arranging a parade, hiring a band and taking out adverts Fairy dust was ecstatic.
Truth to be told so was I. The results are now acceptable.

I think this is much better. The writing is correct now, Barley and the inside cover is lighter.
Worked on last page. Have you ever turned to the back of a book to read the last page first after reading a few at the beginning of a book? Own up most folks have.
The last page will be the first page viewed when book is opened.

I had time this week to pin pages up, look and think, mull ideas over.

Last page now finished I think ( will consult fairy dust )

Small jars hold wheat and barley seeds. Still looking to obtain oat seeds.
Have left threads hanging as still not decided on finished length and may even add tags.
Cords are wrapped and tied round neck of jars after being stitched through to back and securely tied.

Another page begun.

 And another one. Lughnasadh gradually beginning to take shape.

Plan for next week

1  Finish pages I have begun.

2 Begin on scrolls

3 Resolve problem of hinges.

Look in on Sunday 5.00 To see if I have had a productive week.

Bye Bye



  1. Stunningly beautiful work in/on this book! I can't even comprehend the depths of your work as I sit here thoroughly enjoying the elements that make up this book as a whole. I completely agree with you that some labors of love are just not salvageable. I hate when that happens, but it's a part of our creativity.

    1. Thank you so much for comments. I feel I had a good week working on the book this week and I hope to continue in this way but know there will be days things go wrong

  2. I've come back to this post several times because there is so much in it, both the pictures and the words.
    Your arguments with Fairy Dust are very amusing and I hope you don't let FD have her own way too many times (unless you want to, of course).
    Your work has so much depth and interest. I'm looking at the third photo up from the end and admiring it but can't imagine just how you have made it. I would consider that to be a fine piece in itself but I think to you it is a small part of a larger whole.
    I am very much enjoying your blogposts (including the garden ones) and am so glad you started blogging.

  3. Love your post, so much to see and read, and interesting to see your processes - continue to have such fun! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you. This blogging is fun but also hard work as I must ensure I have something new to post about.

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