Sunday, 30 October 2016

Studio completed ( for now )

Studio shelves are up and filled.

Joiner made units to hold bits and pieces. One at each end.

I didn't take time to paint then just filled them up.
The table is in so studio is almost completed ( for now ) I am sure there will be lots of tweeking over the next months but it is up and ready to go. Friends have been suggesting names but it is going to be "The Studio" very happy, happy person.
Had my monthly meeting with art friends yesterday. We had a tutor this session. This is the result of 4 hour work.

Not impressed are you. It was very intense- using black and white - any art material - to draw a still life of angular paper shapes. Every 30 minutes a part of the drawing was painted out, turned 90 degrees and same part drawn again. Really good exercise for looking carefully and only drawing what is there.

I gave a talk this week about my working practise.
It is some time since I did this. I really enjoyed it and hope the audience did too.

I always take along lots of work books for people to look at.
The weather has been so good and the leaves are now turning. This has become my favourite walk.

No one on the bench today. Taken from the other side of the stream.

These are the haws from the hawthorn tree. The birds have not started eating them yet.

The rowan tree in my garden has pale yellow berries. I think they will last longer as the birds only eat them when everything else is finished.

This is the view, from my window, of my neighbours apple tree. Wish it was mine.

This fuchsia I grew from a cutting, and trained into a standard, is 11 years old. Still plenty of flowers on it. Without a greenhouse it will spend the Winter in the Studio.

Spotted this in the village. Very American. In Scotland it is Guising. Tomorrow the ghouls will be out and about as well as kids, dressed up, chapping at doors.

This has been a bit of a nature blog but the seasonal colours will not last long and should be enjoyed.
Last week did contact friends
Did not finish Hoop.

Look in next week to see what I am up to.
BYE      BYE


  1. Yay The Studio is ready for playing in! How exciting that must be for you. All your Fall photos are are so pretty. What a nice area to live in. Ah, so you have trick or treating there also. We live out in the countryside so we don't get any trick or treaters. :-(. I love seeing the children in their costumes. Happy Halloween!

  2. wow, your photos are beautiful. what a lovely season and wonderful sights on your walk. Yay, a working studio!

  3. The Studio - who would have guessed it would come together so quickly, it is magical. It looks great, all ready for The Artist to use it.
    The walk looks so lovely at this time of year, it will be good to see the changes over the seasons.