Sunday, 6 November 2016

In The Studio

Spent a few hours in The Studio.

These cogs were a present from a friend, who was unaware, I am working ( just beginning ) towards an exhibition in January. It is site specific. The Verdant Works, a jute mill museum, so lots of machinery. Not at all sure how I will use them, for now I am printing and taking rubbings.

Heard a talk by Bridgit Collins, describing her ideas and work practise. Really interesting. Cure for a creative block. Tidy your studio, rearrange things, read a poem, go a walk and just do something. We all know this but good to be reminded.

Seagull has been given another outing. Submitted him into the Meffan Gallery Christmas Exhibition. This exhibition attracts entries from across Scotland so fingers and toes crossed he gets in. Always a bit nervous when my work is being juried, never gets any easier. Fear of failure deep rooted.
Play with a purpose, thinking about layers. Machinery, Fabric, Womens Lives, Times Past.
Tracing paper on top of printed cartridge.

No idea where this is going but its a start.
No sign of the owners on my walk today. A jolt of colour among the bronze, red and yellow leaves.

Please look in next week, I may have thought of more ideas to use the cogs.
BYE      BYE


  1. Your new machinery and gears piece is looking very interesting. Glad you're in that new studio and playing. I like that photo of the women factory workers. This piece is sure capturing my attention. I'm totally fascinated with your sneak peek.

  2. These cogs are great, what a very suitable present for you.
    Paperwork looks fascinating and looks as if you are having artistic fun.
    It's good for the seagull to get out again and any gallery that wouldn't love to have him is not worth being in.

  3. Looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. I think I'm at the point where doing something site specific appeals so may make enquiries and be back for some advice. Keep those cogs turning! And what a treat - new studio and so many storage solutions to play with, a girl's delight!

  4. wonderfully creative cog pieces.
    I wish you the best with your entry. It would be nice to have it out being seen again.