Sunday, 27 November 2016

Paper Work

Have been printing onto coloured tissue paper. Plan to use this as a background for a piece of work.

Will wax this to give it some strength and a slight sheen. Circles to represent bobbins. Still trying out ideas but think I will use the embellisher and hand stitching.

The broken lines represent the change of roles in the Jute Mills. The industry employed mainly women and the stay at home unemployed husbands were called " kettle boilers"
I am planning to use 3 acrylic tubes with strips of writing inside, on top of a line of cut out women. That's the plan so far but it might all change next time I go to The Studio.
I like the idea of the cut out dolls. The few photos of women workers show them arm in arm or with arms round each others waists. Does anyone else remember making cut out dolls and colouring them in? Simple pastimes.

I don`t have a TV, through choice, so if I am not listening to the radio, or music, I listen to audio books. I have always liked having stories read to me. These little circles were stitched as I listened to Coming Home by Sue Gee and read by Jenny Funnell.
She is pretty good at getting all the voices right.
This is the paper mockup for a long book based on the string bobbins the women wear round their waists and cogs.

Early days yet. I am planning on having 3 long pieces. 1 will be open to the ground and the other 2 will be partially opened. Again this is the plan so far.
The Seagull is back in his special place and he is not moving again.

Not going to the Christmas Exhibition. He was rejected. Piece was difficult to categorize !!!!!  Neither a painting or a textile. This is the art world The piece is an installation, mixed media.
The summer book has been accepted. They managed to categorize it.

This was a treat. I now have a lovely concert hall within easy reach. What joy to see a ballet.
Please look in next week to see how plan for work is progressing or if I have completely changed my plan.


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  1. I do like the gold circles on tissue paper and the idea of the paper dolls although I realise there will be lots of changes. Making and cutting out clothes for the paper dolls used to be fun.
    I love all the paper work here and I see the cogs have made an entrance.
    Silly gallery turning down one of the best installations ever. The seagull can now spend Christmas at home.
    How wonderful for you to have International Ballet within easy reach again.
    This was a very nice blogpost.