Sunday, 20 November 2016

Creative Energy

Sorry about missing a blog post. Frantic week.
This week a very productive day with 4 art friends. They came bringing chocolate biscuits, cake and their art work. We are working towards the same exhibition 2017. Cup of tea then down to chat about where we are in our thinking, we are trying to resolve vague ideas into 2 pieces of work each.  A2.Listening to each others take on the subject ( A jute museum ) was really interesting and helpful. All very supportive and sharing. A very good day. The creative energy is now swirling around the studio. It is no longer a sterile space with stuff in it.

Cogs, weaving and spools of threads. Playing and hoping it is going to come together. Thinking how I include the story of the women workers. Lots more work to do.
Postcards, discovered when I unpacked into The Studio.

These were fun to stitch. At the time I was using up buttons and beads and little scraps of fabric.
I managed to photograph the supermoon, only just

It was very overcast and I was not hopeful. 6.30 and the clouds parted.

6.35 completely overcast again.
At last a bird other than sparrows ( nothing against sparrows ) but no other species have appeared in this garden.

Please look in next week to view if I can move on  the vague ideas.

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  1. so nice that you got to see the super moon, it was cloudy here.
    Your cog pieces are wonderful to look at.

    Sounds like a fun and interesting thing to meet with art friends.

    I am looking forward to feeding the birds this winter, so that I can see them and not just hear the ones that stay. I will have to wait till the bears are hibernating. Lovely week to you!