Sunday, 4 December 2016

Cogs, cogs and more cogs

I am trying to find the correct size of cog, to use as a front and a back, for a book.

The plan is to make a book 3 1/2 inches wide and 6 ft. in length. I am working out sizes to enable it to roll up and have cogs made from cardboard at each end.

The bobbins hanging from the womens` waists immediately said book to me.

Background information about numbers employed etc. from this book. So little written about the women or their stories.

I have finished the white bobbins and measured the placement.

I have over printed the background with green. Some machines were green and I think the piece was a little sombre.

Acrylic wax is drying and I will buff it up tomorrow then stitch down white circles.
Next sizing exercise will be getting the paper dolls the right size. That's next weeks task.

My signature glass jars. These are a little larger. Jute Roving, Finished Jute. I need to source some Whale Oil. Any ideas?
Lot to do, as always know I am going to run out of time.
Plan for next week
1    Concentrate on the book.
2    Decide and make cogs for book.
3    Add information to the book.
4    Work out how it will roll.
I am beginning to panic reading my to do list. Look in next week to see if I achieve any of the above.

BYE       BYE


  1. I love that the bobbins made you think book, wonderful idea.
    Seems to be coming along in wonderful fashion.

  2. I really like the cogs, each with a different pattern, great for creating other patterns too. Love the circles and the colours, with and without the green, and the big photograph of the white bobbin.
    Do not panic, remember we do this for fun.