Sunday, 11 December 2016

Creative Fairy

The Creative Fairy has not been around most of 2016 but she is beginning to voice her opinions again.

She is not happy anyone would think she looks like these fun angels. A little Christmas fun for two grandchildren.
Christmas tree is up and decorated.

Have decided not to have a large real tree this year. It is time to change some family traditions.

The little courtyard was my favourite place to have breakfast and lunch in the Summer, now it needed brightening up on these cold grey days.

This quote from the book I mentioned last week.
" perpetual motion of their engines and wheels gives employment and bread to thousands of our townsfolk. Are the machines not objects of interest more intense than silent woods or sunny dells "
Perpetual motion. I am using this phrase when thinking about the book I am making for Verdant Works exhibition.
I would much prefer the silent woods and sunny dells, to working in a mill, but if I lived in these times I would probably be in the mill.
I started the book by playing around with paper and paint.

Made a full size model in paper. Roughly sketching where words and images would be placed.

Coloured fabric and began fiddling with different placements ( creative fairy reminds me this is designing.)

Perpetual motion. It looks a bit messy. I am planning to add a layer of fabric on top. Watch this space.

Added my first sign of jute and a touch of green.

More cogs added and another hint of jute.

Jar of machine oil kindly supplied by the husband of a friend. Where will I use it?

Bits and bobs I am printing with.

This is the paper after wax has been buffed up. It doesn't show up in the photo but it does have a slight sheen now.
This piece has been set aside for now . Book has been demanding to be made first. I do love it when work starts pushing and shouting for attention. Time for a cuppa and a mince pie as I feel a little madness creeping in.
 Please look in next week to view progress on the book or perhaps the first piece makes a comeback.
Definitely cuppa time.

Enjoying this book

BYE      BYE


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  1. The angels for the grandchildren are seriously lovely, anyone (!) would love one of these. The second one looks like a grandma angel.
    That's rather nice how you have decorated the courtyard, and your house too.
    Lots of "playing" i.e. designing going on, hope Creative Fairy is not being too critical, she does not know everything about designing.
    Aaargh - some jute here! What does Critical Fairy think of that?