Sunday, 11 June 2017

A little clearer

Sampling marks on the stones.

A piece cut from a sleeve of a boiled wool cardigan. Painted bondaweb ironed on top then hand stitched.

A slice of the sleeve used for this line. Hand stitched
The lines on the stones are becoming Openings.

I am a little clearer about the way forward.
 Friends have been staying this week, so no more work on this idea but definitely Openings.
Flicking through this book I saw this drawing by Carolyn Curtis Magri. Lines

My pink chair has settled into a new place.

The garden has enjoyed all the rain. I and my visitors have not.

The white clematis Mrs George Jackman is looking good.

The Foxgloves are attracting lots of bees, even in the rain. I tried to photograph them but the bees came out of the funnels with such speed I could not capture them.

The beginnings of another sample of surface decoration. Sari silk threads embellished on top. Hand stitching added. Not finished yet.
Please look in next week to view
1   Finish above sample
2   Work on Openings
Oh and I think Creative Fairy is back from holiday.


  1. I must have missed Creative Fairy when I was there today, how annoying. That's good news that she is back, hope she had a relaxing holiday and won't be critical.
    Your white foxgloves are stunning as is the pink chair and plantpot. Your garden design skills are wonderful.
    It will be fascinating to see how your work progresses. Boiled wool cardigan! - and it looks great enlarged on the screen with the stitching.

  2. So clever to use a sleeve to begin your art. Fun to hear about how you go about it and wonderful results. Your garden is looking quite inviting.

  3. Your samples are great - especially I love this pink blue surface sneak - a wonderufl garden!
    oxo Susi