Monday, 10 July 2017

Stones and more Stones

I have been on an inspirational week long workshop at Arthouse off the Rails. Tales of the Unexpected and it surely was that. A week of surprises in the workshop content, my practice, my thoughts from childhood to adulthood and everything in between. It was exactly what a week long workshop with an experienced tutor should be. Cake was also included
Day1 Observation, observation, observation
Photographs taken, mark making ,changing scale on a variety of papers then working on own projects.

I worked on my stones and set of with great enthusiasm creating textural paper.

Exploring the idea of an opening.
Evening of Day 2 I had a mind check and realised I was doing work I could do with my eyes shut. Tearing paper - Glueing - Gesso - Painting, creating textured papers but the idea about the stone construction and the blasted ( that's a slip ) opening was not working.
Wed morning I arrived with a fresh take on my methods. I  would explore different ways of working this idea.

Mono printing different papers and fabrics to get the essence of the stone and fusion as marks. layering.

Looking at see through properties

A touch of colour.

Fire from the centre of the earth,forming the stone.

I was on my way and Day 3/4 were energising working days.

This may turn into a long hanging book

A cover for another book.

Pages of the book.
Day 5 reflections and evaluation the way forward.
I cannot recommend this Summer School highly enough.
Will spend tomorrow unpacking and revisiting the masses of paper work and writing from the course.

First pickings from the garden.
Please visit next week to see if I am still excited about the direction I plan to take these sample pieces from the Summer School.

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  1. Wonderful that you enjoyed your summer school. Fun that you start out one way and then get inspired anew. I love that about art, the element of surprise and inspiration.

    Yeah garden food!