Monday, 24 July 2017

Feeling excited

I have a cat.
A ceramic jolly one. Great fun to look out at when I open my door. Bought from an exhibition Cats at the Gallery at Project Ability in Glasgow.

Took some work away with me. Pieces almost in final placement.

Dyed scrim and applied using felting needles. I have blocked piece at 9 inches wide.

Tissue paper backed with interfacing and then waxed.

Puff paint added to scrim.

Painted. Ready to hand stitch. French Knots for texture perhaps.
The piece is very loosely based on a beach stone with a quartz line running through it. A long way to go but feeling excited to be working on a new piece.
My regular visitor has almost lost his tail. Came home to a collection of tail feathers scattered across the garden.

Unpacking into The Studio and he comes to visit. He is very noisy, I think he heard the car.

Another bird story. A collared dove has arrived.

It has taken a year for one to find me.

Please look in next week to see progress, if any and find out if I use French Knots or some other stitch.
BYE      BYE


  1. The new cat is terrific, I think that must have been a good exhibiition.
    Imagine a collared dove appearing, you really do live in an enchanted house and garden. These doves are such precious visitors.
    Your textile art looks so intriguing, I'm looking forward to a closer look at the texture.

  2. A cheerful cat indeed.
    So do peacocks loose there feathers once a year?
    Makes sense, I just never thought about it.

    Nice to have glimpses of your art.